Pioneer AVH 600EX Review in 2021 – Touchscreen Player

Do you want to know about the Pioneer AVH 600EX Review? This is the right guide for you. So relax and keep on reading to know more.

Pioneer AVH-600EX in-Dash Receiver DVD Receiver w/ 7" WVGA Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM Ready and AppRadio
  • 800 x 400 resolution, clear-resistive touchscreen, 24-bit true color panel, display & color customization
  • Multilanguage display (attention/SP/FR/chi), hands-free calling & audio streaming, Dual phone connection, DVD/DVD-R/RW/did-video/mpeg-2/mpeg-1/mpeg-4/favorite/DivX/WMV video playback
  • CD/CD-R/RW/woman/WAV/MP3/AAC/FLAC audio playback, 1.5a USB port, aux input, composite a/V input, backup-camera input, wired remote input, composite video output
  • Mistral takes the music from iPhone/iPod, USB Device or certain Android devices & plays it back with added transitions & effects to create a virtual DJ inside the Pioneer receiver
  • Includes wiring harness, USB extension cable, Bluetooth microphone & manual

If you’re looking for a reliable car audio system, I recommend the pioneer AVH-600EX for you. To be precise, it’s the best car DVD player in the market that has a very good quality and design.

It is one of Pioneer’s newest models and is intended to compete against other leading companies such as Sony and Kenwood. This Pioneer device comes with an impressive list of features which I’ll discuss in greater detail later in this article. Below is a list of some notable features that make the AVH-600EX one of the best cars DVD players in its range.

The first thing you’ll notice about this DVD player is how solidly it’s built. It’s made to endure all types road conditions, bumps and shocks. The machine comes with two detachable faceplates which can be swapped out for different colors or materials to suit your tastes or vehicle interior design. The buttons are all placed ergonomically so that even if you’re driving at high speeds, they won’t cause any problems whatsoever. Of course, no car audio system review would be complete without mentioning the sound quality .

Audio playback through Pioneer ‘s AVH-600EX is crystal clear and distortion free. You can hook the device up to your car’s speakers via RCA cords or you could use an 1/8 inch jack if you want to listen to it through headphones . This DVD player is compatible with most kinds of video formats including AVI, MPEG, MP4 and iPod Video.

To top things off, this Pioneer model comes with a built-in Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to make hands free calls using its detachable front panel or speakerphone. It also features built-in GPS navigation , giving you accurate turn-by-turn directions at all times.

With all these great features, let’s discuss the price for this car DVD players. Usually Pioneer AVH units can go for anywhere between $300-$500 depending on the retailer and the brand new or used orientation of the product. However, you can still get a high quality unit from reputable retailers for as low as $200 dollars. That is not bad considering all the great features this supports.


Inside The Box [Pioneer AVH 600EX Review]

The pioneer AVH-600EX car stereo comes equipped with the following: touchscreen display, remote control (with batteries), wiring harnesses (radio connection/power cable) for connecting to your car factory radio, detachable front panel faceplate, pre-programmed steering wheel remote controller, installation hardware bag (screws/nuts/washer), vehicle-specific harnesses for specific vehicles, and installation manual.

Connecting To Your Car Audio System

The pioneer AVH-600EX comes with a special wiring harness that is designed to connect seamlessly with over 90% of the cars on the road. You can hook it up to your factory stereo using this harness by connecting only 3 wires (power, ground and illumination) between the two units. On most cars, you will also need to connect an RCA cord from the new DVD player to your radio for sound. If you’re already aware of existing wiring connections on your car, this process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Installation and Mounting

The mounting hardware for this unit is also easy to install and fits with most vehicle types. However, if it doesn’t fit yours due to some improper installation on your part or factory stereo brackets not being compatible with the pioneer ‘s design, there are plenty of aftermarket mounting kits that can be purchased as well as universal back panels that support various monitor types. These kits usually cost around $20-$30 bucks and include everything you’ll need.


The pioneer AVH-600EX supports GPS navigation through an SD card or can be connected to a portable navigation device using its USB port. That is really useful if your car doesn’t already come with built in GPS and you don’t want to shell out cash for a factory replacement with the same features. The device comes with a set of maps which you can use immediately after installing it and adding time/day information. There is also support for map upgrades through either the SD card port or the internet. You can purchase such upgrade packages by visiting Pioneer ‘s website or 3rd party websites that specialize in such products (eBay, Amazon, etc.)

Design and Appearence

Pioneer AVH 600EX Review

Let’s be honest here: in car entertainment and GPS devices in general, function comes before form. That is why you can expect any of these devices to look like an afterthought inside your front or backseat. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to look horrible. If anything, the new Pioneer AVH-600EX looks very sleek and modern with its built-in touchscreen display and detachable controller .

Price & Shipping

The Pioneer AVH-600EX can go for anywhere between $200-$500 depending on the availability, but we were able to find it for $249.99 + free shipping at Amazon . There are also several sites selling this unit for less than retail price if you research for a while. Overall, this is definitely worth the money and more than capable of meeting your GPS needs along with its other features.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from several online stores such as Amazon .com, eBay and NewEgg .com for less than retail price. Overall, if you are looking for a nice affordable unit with lots of useful functions then Pioneer AVH-600EX is definitely something you should consider.

Pioneer AVH-600EX – Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable.
  • Great looking design .
  • Easy installation.
  • Supports lots of formats (DVDs, CDs, MP3s).
  • HDMI & HDMI input support.
  • Detachable front faceplate w/customizable wallpaper.


  • No Bluetooth.
  • Doesn’t support DVDs created in different region than yours (region 2 only).

Pioneer AVH-600EX – Connecting To Your Portable Devices

This car DVD player supports several kinds of video formats which means you can enjoy watching movies saved on memory cards or flash drives . The device even supports iPod Video which means you can listen to music through its high fidelity speakers. All you have to do is attach the iPod interface cable provided. There’s also a USB port that you can use to connect up to 5 different portable devices. One of the best features of this Pioneer unit is its detachable faceplate . It also comes equipped with front panel which can be detached or replaced using another material even leather. These features mean that the device will always look new without having any negative impact on its functionality.

Specifications and Functions

Pioneer AVH 600EX Review

This Pioneer in car entertainment system is a fully functional unit that comes with a 7″ touchscreen display, detachable faceplate , CD/DVD player, iPod support and USB ports. The product will deliver high quality sound thanks to its built-in amplifier which features 4 x 50 watts of power. In addition, the Pioneer AVH-600EX also includes auto EQ feature along with other useful options such as time alignment settings for optimal performance from your speakers . It supports several file types including DVD videos, JPEGs, MP3 files and more.

Sound Qualtity

The Pioneer AVH-600EX unit has great sound quality thanks to built in amplifier that delivers 4 x 50 wats of power . It also features auto EQ feature, time alignment settings for optimal sound performance. This Pioneer unit comes with detachable front panel which can be removed using another material such as leather. It also includes detachable faceplate.

  • What’s the Difference Between the 600 and 700 Models of the Pioneer AVH-600EX?

If you are wondering if the Pioneer AVH-600EX is different than the 600D or 700 models then wonder no more. They all seem to be exactly alike except for one small detail; the model number. As you can probably guess, I’m sure that means they also cost slightly more than their lower-numbered brethren (which makes sense) but other than that there’s nothing else different about them.

In the end, they are still very close in price and you’re not going to notice a difference other than the model number. The choice is up to you, but if you can get it for the same price there’s no reason not to go with the higher model number. You might as well get more for your money.

FAQs – Pioneer AVH 600EX

  • Will this work with a Russian PSP?

No. According to the manufacturers, the device only supports DVDs and CDs created in your country’s regions (region 2).

  • Can you replace the detachable faceplate using another material such as leather?

Yes. The product features detachable front panel which can be replaced if damaged or worn out.

  • Does it support bluetooth/wireless connection?

Unfortunately not. This Pioneer unit is designed solely as an entertainment system and comes without wireless connectivity option.



The Pioneer AVH-600EX is a reliable GPS device that will meet your needs for both entertainment and navigation. It comes with lots of features which makes it one of the best devices in its price range . Many customers who bought this product were very satisfied with its performance offering good sound quality, good looking design and easy installation process.

This unit has everything you might need to use for everyday life as well as long car trips where you need to keep your children entertained. Overall , Pioneer AVH-600EX is worth every penny spent on it and then some. It’s one of those products that live up to their expectation especially when it comes to quality.

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