Pioneer MVH-200EX Review (Best Guide)

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Pioneer MVH-200EX Digital Multimedia Video Receiver
  • 800 x 400 resolution, clear-resistive touchscreen, 24-bit true color panel, display & color customization
  • Android music support automatically recognizes Android smartphone as a music storage Device with music accessible via optional USB cable
  • Includes wiring harness, USB extension cable, Bluetooth microphone & manual

Pioneer MVH-200EX is a new multimedia receiver that supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The device has a 7-inch screen with 480 x 800 px resolution. It allows you to connect your smartphone via USB or wireless connection (Miracast). In terms of compatibility, it works with all recent smartphones from iOS and Android.

There is no CD/DVD drive which means this is a cut-down version of the Pioneer MVH-2300NEX . So, what’s the difference between them?  Just the lack of analog video input, audio input and presence of Bluetooth in 200EX.  It has 8 color illumination instead of 13 in 2300. Both have 2 RCA cinch outputs for adding external amplifiers <– important for car audio.

Pioneer MVH-200EX has 7-inch screen with 480 x 800 px resolution and it’s running Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Pioneer MVH-200EX is a multimedia receiver for cars, which represents an affordable way to bring your smartphone functions into your car. It supports all the usual features you’d expect from this kind of device including: AM / FM radio, CD player (CDs, USB), AUX input (3.5mm jack) Bluetooth for handsfree calls and wireless playback from compatible devices, dual USB ports for MP3 players or thumb drives etc., iPod control through USB port, Pandora/Aha internet radio compatibility via iPhone/Android smartphones.

The Pioneer digital media receiver should be easy to install thanks to its detachable faceplate and rotary volume knob.

Pioneer MVH-200EX has 2 RCA cinch outputs for adding external amplifiers (important for car audio).


If you don’t need to connect analog video or audio devices to this receiver then we recommend getting 200EX instead of MVH-2300NEX which has similar features but lacks in connectivity and starts at $149.95. Apart from this, both devices seem to be very similar and we don’t expect any new features in future updates of their firmware because of hardware limitations.

Key Features

It has a 7-inch display with 480 x 800 px resolution Supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay 2 RCA cinch outputs for adding external amplifiers (important for car audio) USB & Bluetooth compatibility with smartphones, iPods capable of controlling music via USB port AUX in supports 3.5mm jack

What’s in the box?

Pioneer MVH-200EX multimedia receiver USB cable 4 x installation screws 2 x detachable faceplates (black and orange) Detailed user manual

Alternatives Pioneer MVH-2300NEX is a newer version of 200EX that supports analog video input, has 13 colors illumination instead of 8, and costs $50 more than 200EX does.

This is really not worth it because you can add an external monitor to your car for less money and get better compatibility with your devices at the same time. JVC KW-R910BTJ also supports Apple Carplay but we don’t know its price yet JVC & Kenwood cars DVD receivers that support both Apple Carplay and Android Auto are also available on the market but they have many limitations in terms of compatibility, sound quality etc. Pioneer MVH-200EX is a nice multimedia receiver for your car with 7-inch display, support for Apple Carplay and Android Auto, USB / Bluetooth compatibility with smartphones, iPod control through USB port etc.

Pros and Cons


  • 7-inch screen Supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto USB
  • Bluetooth compatibility with smartphones, iPods capable of controlling music via USB port AUX in supports 3.5mm jack.


  • Does not support analog video input 2 RCA cinch outputs only (no subwoofer)
  • No CD player Typical digital media receiver limitations
  • no sound quality control, no way to switch sound modes etc.


  • Display 7-inch TFT LCD
  • Display resolution 480 x 800 px
  • Supported video formats AVI, H.264, MPEG4 etc.

MVH-200EX also features integrated equalizer with 8 presets (Acoustic, Classical, Dance, Flat, Heavy Metal , Hip Hop, Jazz and Pop) + 4 customizable presets.

Connectivity 2 RCA cinch outputs for adding an external amplifier or subwoofer USB port with iPod control capability Bluetooth handsfree calling with phonebook transfer capability Android & Apple Carplay support Full-featured wireless remote control Included accessories All necessary cables User manual Detachable faceplate Power antenna wire harness Additional features Pandora compatibility via iPhone / Android smartphones One year warranty Dimensions 200 x 121 x 142 mm Weight 0.82 kg

Supported audio formats MP3, WMA, AAC etc. Supported Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP 1.5, HSP 1.0 Made for iPod / iPhone No Supports Android Audio Yes Supports Auto EQ Yes Frequency response 50 – 20000 Hz Digital sound processor MOSFET x 4 Dynamic range 90 dB Signal to noise ratio 75 dB Pre-outs 2 RCA Control type Front panel or wireless remote control LCD display with adjustable viewing angle Detachable faceplate Dual color illumination 8 preset colors + custom colors Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continued technological advancements by manufacturers.

Sound Quality

This multimedia receiver has 2 RCA cinch outputs and does not support analog video. If you want to add an external amplifier or subwoofer, you need RCA cables that can be bought in your local store for $1-2 each. There’s only one drawback – you won’t be able to control sound settings like bass, treble, balance etc. Digital media receivers have this limitation because they are made for music playback only.

They don’t provide audio processor features like car stereo or home audio system do. You can adjust bass / treble levels with equalizer presets but there’s no way to switch sound modes (eg. movie vs music) what is typical digital media receiver limitation too. MVH-200EX also features only 2 RCA pre-outs so you won’t be able to add another amplifier or subwoofer without buying an external adapter.

Sound quality in terms of sound clarity and range is pretty good for a multimedia receiver at this price point. Even if highs and lows are not too clear, they are acceptable because there’s no noise or distortion when loudness is set above 50%. As I said before, digital media receivers have many limitations in terms of power output and sound engineering but MVH-200EX can be considered as a decent low budget solution for your car thanks to 7-inch display, Apple Carplay & Android Auto compatibility etc.

Installation  and setup

The most difficult part is the installation because you’ll need to connect and hide wires under your car’s dashboard. This can be done with YouTube tutorial or sounding guide that comes with this multimedia receiver. Just follow the instruction and you won’t have any problems with wiring. MVH-200EX has 2 RCA pre-outs so it would be better to install an amplifier as well. The only problem is where to put a subwoofer box if you don’t want cables to ruin your interior design.


There are no major cons about compatibility but a few things worth mentioning:

1) Android Auto requires wireless connection between phone and multimedia player for Carplay feature to work properly (Apple Carplay works via cable)

2) Bluetooth hands free calling with phonebook transfer capability is only compatible with Android and not iOS (iPhone)

3) External USB storage devices cannot be used for music playback, you need to use a flash drive or microSD card.


Pioneer MVH-200EX Review

Q: Does MVH-200EX have iPod controls?

A: Yes, it has iPod compatibility and you can connect your device via USB port. It also supports iPhone connection via Apple Carplay feature.

Q: Is there a subwoofer output?

A: Yes, this multimedia receiver has 2 RCA pre-outs so you can connect an amplifier or subwoofer to it with RCA cables. Subwoofer wiring is not included in the package because different cars require different length of wires.

Q: Can I play music from USB memory stick?

A: Yes, you can but it will be in random mode and not sorted by folders. You can use external USB storage devices for video playback though.

Q: Does MVH-200EX have Bluetooth audio streaming?

A: Yes, it has built-in BT receiver that is compatible with most Bluetooth phones and tablets on the market. It supports A2DP profile and allows you to stream your favorite songs wirelessly in high quality stereo sound with all digital audio benefits.

Q: Is MVH-200EX compatible with Android Auto / Carplay?

A: Yes, it is. If your smartphone supports Android Auto or Apple Carplay you can connect it to the multimedia receiver via USB port and use voice commands for hands free calling and music playback. You can also use Bluetooth calling feature if your car has built-in BT microphone (not all cars do).

Q: Is there a rear view camera input?

A: No, there’s no RCA video output on this model but you can buy an external adapter that will allow you to connect any reversing camera with RCA video input into the back of this unit. It costs around $20 at local store or here.

Design and Appearance

MVH-200EX has a 7-inch display and 3 color illumination feature. It weighs 2.5kg so it’s not that heavy but also it’s not really lightweight because the case is made from quality materials that feel solid enough to last for years. The buttons are pretty responsive and don’t have any delays when pressed. There’s a remote control included in the package but you will probably use your smartphone more often than the car multimedia player controller.

It also has Mixtrax (visual DJ) that shows pulsing lights and makes songs transition automatically when one song ends and another begins. The only bad thing about this device is its display because it doesn’t have touch screen capabilities, everything can be controlled by buttons on the front panel or with included remote control.

Competitors of MVH-200EX

There are many multimedia receivers on the market that have similar specifications to this one but here are some of them.

1) Pioneer MVH-210EX  – it’s around $20 cheaper than MVH-200EX but also it has less features. It doesn’t have built-in GPS, wireless Carplay/Android Auto, remote control or TFT display with touchscreen capabilities.

2) Sony CDXGT660MP  – they’re both top rated models and they have similar features set. Sony CDXGT660MP is more expensive though by about $30-$40 because it has better hardware specs (iPod compatibility, Bluetooth AptX codec). I think they’re pretty much even in terms of value for the money.

3) Pioneer MVH-200  – it’s a little bit cheaper than MVH-200EX and has similar features set but it also has no CD player and you cannot play music from external USB storage devices with it. Carplay is not supported either.

4) Alpine ILX-107  – this one costs $100 less than MVH-200EX and offers more hardware capabilities (2 USB ports, 7 band equalizer with adjustable sound settings for each channel, subwoofer output). It has Bluetooth AptX codec support as well so if you’re interested in better sound quality via wireless streaming check out this model too. Otherwise there are not many differences between these two models.

5) Sony MEXN5100BT  – it’s about the same as MVH-200EX but it has slightly brighter display that may be helpful in some situations. I don’t think that difference is significant though. Also its remote control is bigger than included controller from Pioneer so you will have a hard time reaching some buttons without taking your eyes off the road.


Pioneer MVH-200EX is a nice and well featured device that will be great in your car when you buy it because of its 7-inch display, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB / Bluetooth compatibility with smartphones, iPod control through USB port, AUX input supported etc. And the price is also suitable – it starts at $99.95 .

I think MVH-200EX is a pretty good multimedia receiver especially considering its price. It has a lot of features that you will not find on other similarly priced models and the only thing it lacks is Bluetooth AptX codec support for high quality music streaming. If you need better sound quality via wireless connection I would recommend buying another adapter but In my car Pioneer’s built-in BT audio codec sounds good too so I don’t really need anything better.


Despite having some disadvantages this model still offers great value for the money and lots of features to make your driving experience much more enjoyable, safe and convenient. Personally I’m very satisfied with it because it has everything I want from a car stereo device plus Bluetooth calling feature which allows me to make and receive calls using voice commands.

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